Interacting Systems far from Equilibrium

Interacting Systems far from Equilibrium

Quantum Kinetic Theory

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PART I: Classical kinetic concepts 1: Historical background 2: Elementary principles 3: Classical kinetic theory PART II: Inductive way to quantum transport 4: Scattering on a single impurity 5: Multiple impurity scattering 6: Selfenergy PART III: Deductive way to quantum transport 7: Nonequilibrium Green's functions 8: Spectral Properties 9: Quantum kinetic equations 10: Approximations for the selfenergy 11: Variational techniques of many-body theory 12: Systems with condensates and pairing PART IV: Nonlocal kinetic theory 13: Nonlocal collision integral 14: Properties of non-instant and non-local corrections 15: Nonequilibrium quantum hydrodynamics PART V: Selected applications 16: Diffraction on a barrier 17: Deep impurities with collision delay 18: Relaxation-time approximation 19: Transient time period 20: Field-dependent transport 21: Kinetic theory of systems with SU(2) structure 22: Relativistic transport 23: Simulations of heavy ion reactions with nonlocal collisions Appendix A: Density-operator technique Appendix B: Complex time path Appendix C: Derived optical theorem Appendix D: Proof of drift and gain compensation into rate of quasiparticles Appendix E: Separable interactions