Integrating Evolutionary Biology into Medical Education

Integrating Evolutionary Biology into Medical Education

for maternal and child healthcare students, clinicians, and scientists

Power, Michael; Schulkin, Jay

Oxford University Press






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ForewordCharles J. Lockwood:
IntroductionMichael L. Power & Jay Schulkin:
Section I: Life History: Biological and Cultural Continuity
1: Peter D. Gluckman, Felicia M. Low, & Mark A. Hanson: Evolutionary Medicine, Pregnancy, and the Mismatch Pathways to Increased Disease Disk
2: Jonathan C. K. Wells: Evolutionary Public Health
3: Wenda R. Trevathan & Karen R. Rosenberg: Evolutionary Medicine and Women's Reproductive Health
4: Alison M. Stuebe & Kristin P. Tully: Optimizing Maternal Infant Health Care: a focus on the 4th trimester
Section II: Biological Regulation
5: Heide Aungst, Robert Rossi, Heather Brockway, Sam Mesiano, & Louis Muglia: Evolutionary Insights for Improving Pregnancy Outcomes: looking back to the future
6: Robert Perlman: An Evolutionary View of Homeostasis: bioenergetics, life history theory and responses to pregnancy
7: Michael L. Power, Caroline W. Quaglieri, Eda G. Reed, & Jay Schulkin: The Functions of MicroRNA in Female Reproduction
8: Chloe Zera & Louise Wilkins-Haug: Evolutionary Medicine Viewed Through the Lens of Pregnancy and the Obesity Epidemic
Section III: Perspectives: Past, Present, and Future
9: Fabio Zampieri: Darwin's Impact on the Medical Sciences
10: Barbara N. Horowitz: Tinbergean Approach to Clinical Medicine
11: Carsten Schradin & Rainer Straub: The Role of the Immune System From an Evolutionary Perspective
12: Louise Wilkins-Haug: Evolution, Genomics, and the New Genetic Technologies
13: Shabnam Mousavi & Jay Schulkin: Ecological Rationality and Evolutionary Medicine: a bridge to medical education
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