India, Climate Change, and The Global Commons

India, Climate Change, and The Global Commons

Damodaran, Prof A.

Oxford University Press






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1: The New International Environment: Changing the Unchanged
2: Stereotypes on Development
3: Challenges of Global Governance: Opinions and Formulations
4: India: The Multi-Faceted Nation-State
5: India's Rurality and Its Different Faces
6: Adapting to Globalization or Fighting it?
7: Environmentalism in the World
8: Policies for the Environment: The Story of India
9: Leaders, Markets, and Values
10: Compensating for Lost Resources: Does It work?
11: The Local Impacts of Multilateral Environmental Agreements: The UNFCCC, CBD, and The Basel Convention
12: Environment and Trade: The Role of Stakeholders
13: COVID-19 as Global Commons: Issues of Equity, Sustainability, and Instrumentalism
14: Restructuring Regimes for Sustainable Development
15: The Diversity Principle, Blockchains, and the Future of Global Commons
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