Imagining the World from Behind the Iron Curtain

Imagining the World from Behind the Iron Curtain

Youth and the Global Sixties in Poland

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Acknowledgments Introduction: Poland and the Global Sixties Chapter 1: The Polish Thaw: Youth Carnival, Domestic Revolution, and Cross-Border Encounters Chapter 2: Youth as Modernity: Envisioning Young People after the Thaw Chapter 3: Window to the World: Youth Magazines and the Politics of Apolitics Chapter 4: Bohemians and Discontents: The Making of a Student Community Chapter 5: Tensions of Transnationalism: Youth Rebellion, State Backlash, and 1968 Chapter 6: Counterculture: Hippies, Artists, and Other Subversives Chapter 7: The World in the Village: Rural Rebels in Search of Modernity Chapter 8: Domesticating the Sixties: Youth Culture, Globalization, and Consumer Socialism in the 1970s Conclusion: Imagining the World After the Sixties Notes Selected Bibliography Index
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