ICSID: An Introduction to the Convention and Centre

ICSID: An Introduction to the Convention and Centre

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Table of ICSID Cases List of Abbreviations 1 Overviews of the Convention and Centre I. The Convention II. The Centre 2 Beginnings and Growth of ICSID I. Precursor Initiatives A. The Abs-Shawcross and OECD Draft Conventions B. Consideration of the Idea at the United Nations C. The Proposal of the World Bank's Management II. Formulation of the Convention A. Initial Deliberations of the Executive Directors B. Consultative Meetings C. Tokyo Annual Meeting D. Legal Committee Meetings and Finalization of the Text III. Establishment and Growth A. Early Years B. Building the Investment Treaty Network C. Expansion of ICSID and Its Caseload 3 Jurisdiction of the Centre I. Nature of the Dispute A. Legal', 'Dispute', 'Arising Directly' B. Investment' II. Parties to the Dispute A. The Contracting State B. The National of Another Contracting State III. Consent of the Parties A. Consent in a Clause of an Investment Agreement or in a Compromis B. Consent in an Investment Law or Treaty C. Irrevocability of Consent 4 Initiation and Conduct of Arbitration Proceedings I. Initiation of Proceedings II. Constitution of Arbitral Tribunals A. Composition of Tribunals B. Challenges of Arbitrators III. Role of the ICSID Secretariat in Administering Proceedings IV. Written and Oral Procedures V. Provisional Measures and Preliminary Objections A. Provisional Measures B. Preliminary Objections VI. Drawing Up the Award 5 Applicable Law I. Article 42(1) II. Articles 42(2) and 42(3) III. Experience in the Cases A. Contract Cases B. Treaty Cases IV. Developing International Investment Law 6 Finality and Enforcement of Awards I. The Remedies in Action A. Correction or Addition, Interpretation, and Revision B. Annulment II. Award Enforcement Proceedings 7 Looking Ahead: ICSID and ISDS Reform I. UNCTAD's Promotion of ISDS Reform II. UNCITRAL's Reform Efforts III. Advancing Reform at ICSID A. Improvements Made Since 2004 B. The Proposed ICSID Appeals Facility C. The New Proposals for Amendment of the ICSID Rules IV. Conclusion Appendices I. Convention on the Settlement of Investment Disputes between States and National of Other States II. Report of the Executive Directors on the Convention Further Reading Index
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