Hominin Postcranial Remains from Sterkfontein, South Africa, 1936-1995

Hominin Postcranial Remains from Sterkfontein, South Africa, 1936-1995

Ward, Carol V.; Richmond, Brian G.; Zipfel, Bernhard

Oxford University Press Inc






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i. Preface Carol V. Ward, Brian G. Richmond, Bernhard Zipfel ii. Introductory remarks to the Workshop on Sterkfontein Postcranial Fossils Philip V. Tobias Section 1: Temporal, geologic and historical context of the Sterkfontein hominins 1. A summary of the history of exploration at the Sterkfontein Caves in the Cradle of Humankind World Heritage Site Francis Thackeray 2. The geological setting, cave formation, and stratigraphy of the fossil bearing deposits at Sterkfontein Caves Dominic Stratford 3. A new multidisciplinary age of 2.61 - 2.07 Ma for the Sterkfontein Member 4 australopiths Robyn Pickering, Andy I.R. Herries Section 2: Postcranial anatomy of the Sterkfontein hominins 4. The partial skeletons Carol V. Ward, Martin Haeusler, Bernhard Zipfel 5. Scapula, clavicle, and proximal humerus David J. Green 6. Distal humerus Michael R. Lague, Colin G. Menter 7. Ulna and radius Michelle S. M. Drapeau, Colin G. Menter 8. Carpals Matthew W. Tocheri, Job Kibii 9. Metacarpals & manual phalanges Tracy L. Kivell, Kelly Ostrofsky, Brian G. Richmond, Michelle Drapeau 10. Thoracolumbar vertebrae and ribs Carol V. Ward, Burt Rosenman, Bruce Latimer, Shahed Nalla 11. Pelvis Martin Haeusler, Christopher B. Ruff 12. Femur Jeremy M. Desilva, Mark Grabowski 13. Tibia and fibula Kristian J. Carlson, Bernhard Zipfel, William Jungers 14. Tarsals Tea Jashashvili, Kristian J. Carlson, Ronald J. Clarke 15. Metatarsals and pedal phalanges Bernhard Zipfel, Roshna Wunderlich Section 3: Functional anatomy & biology 16. Long bone cross-sectional geometry Christopher B. Ruff, Ryan W. Higgins, Kristian J. Carlson 17. Limb proportions and positional behavior: Revisiting the theoretical and empirical underpinnings of locomotor reconstruction in Australopithecus africanus Adam D. Gordon, David J. Green, William L. Jungers, Brian G. Richmond 18. Summary and Synthesis Carol V. Ward, Bernhard Zipfel Section 4: Appendices Appendix I - Table of specimens, locus (grid and depth, identification and date of discovery). Appendix II - Figure 1. Other lower limb, humeral and radial sections; Figure 2. Other ulna sections; Table 1. Cross-sectional properties of all sections. Appendix III - Fossil sample used in studies presented in Chapter 17. Appendix IV - Extant sample used in studies presented in Chapter 17. Appendix V - Measurement definitions used in studies presented in Chapter 17.
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