Global Race War

Global Race War

International Politics and Racial Hierarchy

Barder, Alexander D.

Oxford University Press Inc






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Introduction: Race War and the Global Racial Imaginary
Chapter One: Interpreting the Haitian Revolution: Global Racial Hierarchy and War in the 19th Century
Chapter Two: Scientific Racism, Social Darwinism and Global Racial Order
Chapter Three: Global Racial Violence: Settler Colonialism and the American Indian Wars
Chapter Four: Race Annihilation, War and the Global Imperial Order: The Armenian Genocide of 1915
Chapter Five: Nazi Grand Strategy, Genocide and Dismantlement of the State-System, 1941-1945
Chapter Six: The "Yellow Peril" and the Asia-Pacific War
Chapter Seven: Racial Violence in the Global South: Vietnam and the Crisis of the American Liberal Order
Chapter Eight: Civilizational Conflict as Race War: From the 1990s to the Global War on Terror
Chapter Nine: The "Great Replacement": Racial War in the Twenty-First Century
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