George Whitefield

George Whitefield

Life, Context, and Legacy

Hammond, Geordan; Jones, David Ceri

Oxford University Press






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List of Contributors
Geordan Hammond and David Ceri Jones: Introduction
1: Boyd Stanley Schlenther: Whitefield's Personal Life and Character
2: Mark K. Olson: Whitefield's Conversion and Early Theological Formation
3: William Gibson: Whitefield and the Church of England
4: Frank Lambert: Whitefield and the Enlightenment
5: Carla Gardina Pestana: Whitefield and Empire
6: Geordan Hammond: Whitefield, John Wesley, and Revival Leadership
7: Kenneth P. Minkema: Whitefield, Jonathan Edwards, and Revival
8: Keith Edward Beebe and David Ceri Jones: Whitefield and the 'Celtic' Revivals
9: Brett C. McInelly: Whitefield and His Critics
10: Braxton Boren: Whitefield's Voice
11: Emma Salgard Cunha: Whitefield and Literary Affect
12: Stephen R. Berry: Whitefield and the Atlantic
13: Peter Choi: Whitefield, Georgia, and the Quest for Bethesda College
14: Mark A. Noll: Whitefield, Hymnody, and Evangelical Spirituality
15: Isabel Rivers: Whitefield's Reception in England, 1770-1839
16: Andrew Atherstone: Commemorating Whitefield in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries
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