Generation Disaster

Generation Disaster

Coming of Age Post-9/11

Vermeulen, Karla

Oxford University Press Inc






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Chapter 1. Introduction

Section 1: Generation Disaster in Their Youth: Formative Experiences
Chapter 2. Meet Generation Disaster
Chapter 3. Parenting Post-9/11
Chapter 4. Lockdown Drills in Kindergarten: The Threat (Perceived and Actual) of School Shootings

Section 2: Generation Disaster in Emerging Adulthood: The Current Impact of Cumulative Early Stressors
Chapter 5. Unsafe at Any Time
Chapter 6. Mistrusting Authorities in an Unstable World
Chapter 7. Climate Change and Expectations for the Future of the Planet
Chapter 8. Questioning College: Necessary, Expensive, and No Guarantee of Success

Section 3: Generation Disaster Moving Forward: How Will They Shape Our Future Society?
Chapter 9. Economic Expectations
Chapter 10. Family Expectations
Chapter 11. Conclusion
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