Gender and International Criminal Law

Gender and International Criminal Law

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Misconceptions and Misunderstandings about Gender in International Criminal Law 1: Indira Rosenthal, Valerie Oosterveld, Susana SaCouto: What is 'Gender' in International Criminal Law? 2: Judith Gardam, Michelle Jarvis: The Gendered Framework of International Humanitarian Law and the Development of International Criminal Law 3: Kirsten Campbell, Gorana Mlinarevi'c: A Feminist Critique of Approaches to International Criminal Justice in the Age of Identity Politics: A Case Study of Conflict-Related Sexual Violence Prosecutions before the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia Expanding Approaches to Gender in International Criminal Law: Beyond 'Gender = Women' and 'Gender = Crimes of Sexual Violence' 4: Dubravka %Zarkov: Sexual Violence Against Men in Contemporary Warfare 5: Gloria Atiba-Davies, Leo Nwoye: Children, Gender and International Criminal Justice 6: Patricia Viseur-Sellers, Jocelyn Getgen Kestenbaum: The International Crimes of Slavery and the Slave Trade: A Feminist Critique 7: Lisa Davis, Danny Bradley: Victory for Women and LGBTIQ Rights under International Criminal Law: Gender in the Draft Crimes against Humanity Treaty 8: Melanie O'Brien: Gender Dimensions of Forced Marriage in International Criminal Law 9: Rosemary Grey: Reproductive Crimes in International Criminal Law 10: Antonia Mulvey: Using International Criminal Law to Curb Discriminatory Practices Against Females: The Case of Female Genital Mutilation Engendering Justice: The Future of International Criminal Law 11: Jonathan O'Donohue, Rosemary Grey: 'Gender-Inclusivity' in the International Criminal Court's First Reparation Proceedings 12: Daniela Kravetz: Gender and the Implementation of International Criminal Law in the Latin American Region 13: Catherine O'Rourke: Fragmentation Fears or Interaction Opportunities? The Role and Potential of International Human Rights Law in Shaping International Criminal Law's Gender Jurisprudence 14: Helen Durham, Laura Green: Contemporary Armed Conflict and Gender 15: Dianne Otto: Is International Criminal Law Particularly Impervious to Feminist Reconstruction? Legally Authorized Resistances to Feminist Judging
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