From Horror to Hope

From Horror to Hope

Recognizing and Preventing the Health Impacts of War

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List of Profiles Preface Acknowledgments About the Author Timespans of Wars Cited Part I: Introduction Chapter 1: A Public Health Perspective on War Chapter 2: The Nature of War Chapter 3: Human Rights, Ethics, and International Humanitarian Law Part II: Types of Weapons Chapter 4: Conventional Weapons Chapter 5: Chemical, Biological, and Nuclear Weapons Part III: Health Impacts on Civilians Chapter 6: Assaults and Injuries Chapter 7: Malnutrition and Communicable Diseases Chapter 8: Mental Disorders Chapter 9: Adverse Impacts on Reproductive Health Chapter 10: Noncommunicable Diseases Chapter 11: Vulnerable Populations Part IV: Other Impacts and Their Documentation Chapter 12: Health Impacts on Military Personnel and Veterans Chapter 13: Impacts on the Environment Chapter 14: Determining the Health Impacts of War Part V: The Future Chapter 15: Preventing War and Promoting Peace Notes Index
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