Forensic Face Matching

Forensic Face Matching

Research and Practice

Bindemann, Markus

Oxford University Press






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1: Charlie Stevens: Person identification at airports during passport control
2: Matthew C. Fysh: Factors limiting face matching at passport control and in police investigations
3: Markus Bindemann & A. Mike Burton: Steps towards a cognitive theory of unfamiliar face matching
4: David White, Alice Towler & Richard I. Kemp: Understanding professional expertise in unfamiliar face matching
5: Alice Towler, Richard I. Kemp & David White: Can face identification ability be trained? Evidence for two routes to expertise
6: Sarah Bate, Natalie Mestry, & Emma Portch: Individual differences between observers in face matching
7: Reuben Moreton: Forensic face matching: Procedures and application
8: Andrew Roberts: Forensic face matching: A legal perspective
9: Eilidh Noyes & Matthew Q. Hill: Automatic recognition systems and human computer interaction in face matching
10: Jet G. Sanders & Rob Jenkins: Realistic masks in the real world
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