Finance, Law, and the Courts

Finance, Law, and the Courts

Lamandini, Marco; Ramos Mu^D~noz, David

Oxford University Press






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Part I - The Conceptual Framework
1: An Introduction on Courts' and Principles-Based Interpretivism
2: Finance, the Rule of Law and the Courts
Part II -Public Law Disputes in the Law of Finance
3: An Anatomy of Issues in Public Law disputes
4: Financial Authorities' Decisions, their Justiciability and Accountability
5: Courts Review of Monetary and Financial Stability Decisions
6: Courts Review of Regulatory and Supervisory Decisions
7: Courts Review of Crisis Management Decisions
Part III - Private Law Disputes in the Law of Finance
8: An Anatomy of Issues in Private Law Disputes
9: Courts, and the Law of Liability for Misstatements in Securities Offerings
10: Courts and Financial Contract Disputes
11: Courts in Insolvency, Collateral and Inter-creditor Disputes
Part IV -Towards Better Justice in Finance. The Case for Specialized Courts in Europe
12: Dispute Resolution in Finance and its Shortcomings: Europe as a Test Case
13: A Snapshot of the Current Court System's Nodes, and Challenges
14: A Way Forward: Specialised Courts in the Law of Finance in the EU
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