Ethics and Epidemiology

Ethics and Epidemiology

Coughlin, Steven S.

Oxford University Press Inc






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PrefaceContributorsPART I: FOUNDATIONS1. Historical Foundations2. Epidemiology and Informed Consent3. Solidarity and the Common Good: Social Epidemiology and Relational Ethics in Public Health4. Understanding the Ethics of Risk as Used in Epidemiology5. Risk and Precaution: The Ethical Challenges of Translating Epidemiology into ActionPART III: METHODS6. Ethical Issues in the Design and Conduct of Community-Based Intervention StudiesPART IV: ISSUES7. Ethics in Public Health Practice8. Ethics Issues in Genetic Epidemiology9. Ethics, Epidemiology, and Changing Perspectives on AIDS10. Ethics Curricula in Epidemiology11. Conflicts of Interest
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