Essays in Physics

Essays in Physics

Thirty-two thoughtful essays on topics in undergraduate-level physics

Brooker, Geoffrey

Oxford University Press






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1: Electromagnetic energy
2: Electromagnetism: microscopic and macroscopic fields
3: Vector theorems
4: Longitudinal and transverse waves
5: Transmission lines, the universe and everything
6: Counting quantum states and field modes
7: Four-vectors in relativity
8: The Lorentz transformation
9: Diffraction integrals and the Kirchhoff approximation
10: Diffraction at a slit
11: Symmetry in quantum mechanics
12: Successive approximation; perturbation theory in quantum mechanics
13: The hydrogen atom
14: Identical particles and the helium atom
15: Helium: energies for singlets and triplets
16: LS coupling; Hund's rules
17: Terms in LS coupling
18: The Zeeman effect
19: The Einstein A and B coefficients
20: The Boltzmann distribution and molecular gases
21: Free energy
22: Energy of a magnetic body: -m dB or +B dm?
23: The Debye theory of solid-state heat capacities
24: Umklapp collisions and thermal conductivity
25: Electrons and holes in semiconductors
26: The chemical potential for a semiconductor
27: Heat capacity of electrons
28: Electrons in a square lattice
29: Negative feedback
30: Stability of negative feedback
30: Quantization of waves: the stretched string
32: Spontaneous emission of radiation
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