Essays in Analytic Theology

Essays in Analytic Theology

Volume I & II

Rea, Michael C.

Oxford University Press



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Volume I Introduction Part I: Metatheology 1: Realism in Theology and Metaphysics 2: Theology without Idolatry or Violence 3: Authority and Truth Part II: The Attributes of God 4: Divine Attributes as a Topic in Analytical Theology 5: Gender as a Divine Attribute 6: God Beyond Being Part III: The Trinity 7: The Trinity 8: Polytheism and Christian Belief 9: Relative Identity and the Doctrine of the Trinity 10: Material Constitution and the Trinity with Jeff Brower Volume II Introduction Part I: Incarnation, Sin and Atonement 1: The Metaphysics of Original Sin 2: Hylomorphism and the Incarnation 3: The Ill-Made Knight and the Stain on the Soul Part II: Evil, Divine Hiddenness, and Worship 4: In Defense of Skeptical Theism: A Reply to Almeida and Oppy with Michael Bergmann 5: Wright on Theodicy 6: Skeptical Theism and the "Too-Much Skepticism" Objection 7: Narrative, Liturgy, and the Hiddenness of God 8: Hiddenness and Transcendence 9: Protest, Worship, and the Deformation of Prayer
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