Diversity, Crime, and Justice in Canada

Diversity, Crime, and Justice in Canada

Perry, Barbara

Oxford University Press, Canada






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Tables, Figures, and Photos
Preface and Acknowledgements
1: An Introduction: Considering Diversity and Justice in Canada, Barbara Perry
2: Framing Difference, Barbara Perry
3: The Mythical Norm, Barbara Perry
4: Indigenous People in Canada: Culture, Colonialism, and Criminal Justice, Jane Dickson-Gilmore
5: Chinese Immigrants in Canada and Social Injustice: From Overt to Covert Racial Discrimination, Li Zong & Barbara Perry
6: Crime and Justice: The Experiences of Black Canadians, Scot Wortley, Akwasi Owusu-Bempah & Kadija Lodge-Tulloch
7: South Asians and Justice in Canada: Still in Search of Data, Barbara Perry & Shahid Alvi
8: Justice and Islam in Canada, Denise Helly & Barbara Perry
9: Zombies in Bel Air: Class and Marginalization in Canada, Emily Gerbrandt & Bryan Hogeveen
10: Exploring the Victimization, Criminalization, and Incarceration of Women in Canada, Gillian Balfour
11: Sexualities and Difference: The Victimization of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer (LGBTQ) People in Canada, Ellen Faulkner
12: Aging Behind Bars: The "Special Needs" Elderly Prisoner in Federal Custody in Canada, Arshia U. Zaidi
13: Putting Youthful Offending and Victimization into Context, Shahid Alvi
14: Individuals with Disabilities, Dick Sobsey & Heidi Janz
15: Communicating from the Margins: Exploring Intercultural Communication, Valerie Pruegger
16: Anti-Racism Training in the Criminal Justice System: A Case for Effective Social Context Education, Karen R. Mock
17: Criminal Justice/Social Justice: Making Change, Barbara Perry
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