Discussions in Dispute Resolution

Discussions in Dispute Resolution

The Foundational Articles

Schneider, Andrea Kupfer; Cole, Sarah Rudolph; Hinshaw, Art

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Table of Contributors

Part 1. Negotiation

Article 1.1. Bargaining in the Shadow of the Law: The Case of Divorce (1979)--Robert H. Mnookin and Lewis Kornhauser
Elizabeth C. Tippett--Bargaining in the Shadow of the Law: The Case for ADR as a Field of Study
Rebecca Hollander-Blumoff--Taking Human Behavior Seriously
Rishi Batra--Bargaining in the Shadow of the Law: A Classic Article with a Contemporary Challenge
Robert H. Mnookin--Bargaining in the Shadow of the Law Re-assessed

Article 1.2. Machiavelli and the Bar: Ethical Limitations on Lying in Negotiation (1980)--James J. White
Michael Moffitt--Machiavelli and the Bar and Ethical Ratcheting
Peter R. Reilly--Machiavelli and the Bar: J.J. White as Negotiation Ethics Architect
Lauren A. Newell--Machiavelli and the Bar: Prescient in Part
James J. White--Confronting Lying in Negotiation

Article 1.3. Toward Another View of Legal Negotiation: The Structure of Problem Solving (1984)--Carrie Menkel-Meadow
Russell Korobkin--We Are All Problem Solvers Now
Erin R. Archerd--It's Not the Lawyers We Need to Convince: Commentary on Legal Negotiation by Carrie Menkel-Meadow
Andrea Kupfer Schneider--Counseling About More than the Law
Carrie Menkel-Meadow--The Origins of Problem Solving Negotiation and Its Use in the Present

Article 1.4. The Limits of Integrative Bargaining (1996)--Gerald B. Wetlaufer
Jennifer Reynolds--Oversimplifying, Overselling, Overreaching
Noam Ebner--Integrative Negotiation: Paying the Price of Popularity
Robert C. Bordone--Strengthening Integrative Bargaining: How The Limits of Integrative Bargaining Sharpened the Work of Negotiation Scholars
Gerald B. Wetlaufer--Reflections on The Limits of Integrative Bargaining

Part 2. Mediation

Article 2.1. Mediation: Its Forms and Functions (1971)--Lon L. Fuller
Art Hinshaw--Lon L. Fuller: Private Ordering and Mediation
Nancy A. Welsh--The Untethering of Mediation from Relationships
James J. Alfini--Lon Fuller's Influence on the Debate Over Mediator Orientations
Becky L. Jacobs--Lon Fuller: A Progenitor of the Pedagogy of Skills?

Article 2.2. The Theory and Practice of Mediation: A Reply to Professor Susskind (1981)--Joseph B. Stulberg
Lela Porter Love--A Star to Steer Her By
Brian A. Pappas--Just Settlement? Rethinking the Mediator's Goals
Bobbi McAdoo and Sharon Press--Neutrality in 2020: A Reply to 1981 Stulberg
Joseph B. Stulberg--Revisiting Mediator Neutrality

Article 2.3. The Mediation Alternative: Process Dangers for Women (1991)--Trina Grillo
Carol Pauli--Trina Grillo: Productive Rage
Karen Tokarz--Grillo's Rigorous Path to Intentional, Mindful Mediation
Douglas N. Frenkel--The Grillo Effect at Thirty
Kelly Browe Olson--Post-Grillo: New Family Mediation Protections and Revised Dangers

Article 2.4. Understanding Mediators' Orientations, Strategies, and Techniques: A Grid for the Perplexed (1996)--Leonard L. Riskin
Michael T. Colatrella, Jr.--"True Enough"
Alyson Carrel--Dismantling the "Facilitative" "Evaluative" Dichotomy: Reflecting on Riskin's Grid and Predicting the Future
Donna Erez-Navot--The Riskin Grid: A Mixed Legacy
Kimberlee Kovach--Growth from the Grid?

Part 3. Arbitration

Article 3.1. The New Federal Arbitration Law (1926)--Julius Henry Cohen and Kenneth Dayton
Carli N. Conklin--A Robust History of Arbitration in Early America: Commentary on The New Federal Arbitration Law
Imre S. Szalai--The Federal Arbitration Act in Its Infancy: Cohen and Dayton's The New Federal Arbitration Law
Kristen Blankley--The New Federal Arbitration Law: A Call to Ethical Practice Not Yet Realized
Amy J. Schmitz--Emphasizing Efficiency in the Digital Age

Article 3.2. Commercial Arbitration (1961)--Soia Mentschikoff
Sarah R. Cole--Everything Old Is New Again
W. Mark C. Weidemaier--The Legacy of Soia Mentschikoff's Commercial Arbitration
David Horton--Inside the Black Box: A Short Comment on Soia Mentschikoff's Commercial Arbitration
Stephen J. Ware--Lasting Lessons from Mentschikoff's Commercial Arbitration

Article 3.3. Panacea or Corporate Tool?: Debunking the Supreme Court's Preference for Binding Arbitration (1996)--Jean R. Sternlight
Jill I. Gross--Rethinking the Debunking: On Arbitration Myths, Preferences, and Legal Theory
Hiro N. Aragaki--The Critical Theory Legacy of Jean Sternlight's Panacea or Corporate Tool?
Michael Z. Green--Framing the Debate to Show How Big Guys Insist That Little Guys Arbitrate as a Corporate Tool
Jean R. Sternlight--Panacea or Corporate Tool?: The Sequel

Article 3.4. Employment Arbitration: The Repeat Player Effect (1997)--Lisa B. Bingham [Lisa Blomgren Amsler]
Alexander J.S. Colvin--The River's Source: Empirical Research and Lisa Blomgren Amsler's Employment Arbitration: The Repeat Player Effect
Martin H. Malin--Arbitration's Catalyst for Empirical Studies
Richard Bales--The Historical Context of Lisa Blomgren Amsler's Empirical Work on Employment Arbitration
Lisa Blomgren Amsler--Why the Haves Come Out Farther and Farther Ahead: The Repeat Player Effect, Control Over Dispute System Design, and Justice

Part 4. Dispute Resolution Public Policy

Article 4.1. Why the "Haves" Come out Ahead: Speculations on the Limits of Legal Change (1974)--Marc Galanter
John Lande--For Pragmatic Romanticism in Law and Dispute Resolution: Reflections on Galanter's Remarkably Realistic Analysis of Why the Have-Nots Come Out Behind
Dwight Golann--A Prescient Warning of the Vulnerabilities in ADR
Cynthia Alkon--Galanter's Analysis of the "Limits of Legal Change" as Applied to Criminal Cases and Reform
Marc Galanter--Reflections on Why the "Haves" Come Out Ahead

Article 4.2. Varieties of Dispute Processing (1976)--Frank E. A. Sander
Donna Shestowsky--How Useful Is Court ADR If Litigants (Still) Don't Know About It?
Lydia Nussbaum--Dispute Processing Beyond the Courts-New Complexity, Old Problems
Deborah Thompson Eisenberg--Frank Sander: Father of Court-Based Dispute Resolution
Yael Efron--Varieties of Dispute Processing: The Implications on Legal Education

Article 4.3. Against Settlement (1984)--Owen M. Fiss
Amy J. Cohen--ADR and Public Values Again
Ellen Waldman--What Against Settlement Got Right
Adam S. Zimmerman--From Mass Adjudication to Settlement and Back
Marjorie Corman Aaron--The Haunting Specter of Fiss's Against Settlement

Article 4.4. Pursuing Settlement in an Adversary Culture: A Tale of Innovation Co-Opted or "The Law of ADR" (1991)--Carrie Menkel-Meadow
Ellen E. Deason--Dimensions of Quality of Justice
Elayne E. Greenberg--ADR's Place at the Justice Table
James Coben--Foundational Because Prescient (and Unfortunately, Cassandra-like Prescience)
Carrie Menkel-Meadow--Institutionalizing ADR: Clashing Values
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