Crime, Justice, and Social Order

Crime, Justice, and Social Order

Essays in Honour of A. E. Bottoms

Sparks, Richard; Tankebe, Justice; Shapland, Joanna; Liebling, Alison

Oxford University Press






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Part 1: Introduction
1: The Editors: Anthony Bottoms: An Appreciation
2: Richard Sparks and Caroline Lanskey: Reflections on the Life of a British Criminologist
Part 2: Social Order and the Criminological Enterprise
3: Professor Anthony Bottoms: Criminology and 'Positive Morality'
4: Professor Jonathan Jacobs: In Dialogue with Philosophy: Recovering the Moral Sciences Through Criminology
5: Dr Peter Neyroud: Learning to Experiment: The Police, Science, and Evidence-Based Practice
6: Professor Ian Loader and Professor Richard Sparks: Reasonable Hopes: Social Theory, Critique and Reconstruction in Contemporary Criminology
Part 3: Crime, Justice, and Communities
7: Professor Loraine Gelsthorpe: Keeping a Human Perspective: Some Lessons from Women and Community Justice
8: Professor Joanna Shapland: Desistance from Crime and the Potential Role of Restorative Justice
9: Professor Per-Olof Wikstroem: Towards a True Social Ecology of Crime: On the Limitations of a Criminology Without People
10: Dr Antje du Bois-Pedain: Constructive Sentencing through Custody-avoiding Sanctions: Theoretical Foundations and Practical Challenges
Part 4: Punishment and Penal Order
11: Professor David Garland: What is Penal Populism? Public Opinion, Expert Knowledge, and Penal Policy-Formation in Democratic Societies
12: Professor Alison Liebling: Penal Legitimacy, Well-Being and Trust: The Role of Empirical Research in 'Morally Serious' Work
13: Professor Mike Nellis: Creative Arts, Offender Rehabilitation, and Penal Reform: Remembering the Early Years of the Barlinnie Special Unit
14: Dr Justice Tankebe: Rightful Authority: Exploring the Structure of Police Self-Legitimacy
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