Conversion and the Rehabilitation of the Penal System

Conversion and the Rehabilitation of the Penal System

A Theological Rereading of Criminal Justice

Skotnicki, Andrew

Oxford University Press Inc






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Chapter I - The State of Penal Ideology and Penal Affairs

Liberal Polities and the Ontology of Violence
Divided Hearts and Minds
Systemic Results of Ideological Disorientation

Chapter II - It is Wrong to Punish Anyone for Any Reason

Criminal Justice as Inclusion
Outline of the Retributive Position
Religious Defenses of Retributivism
Critique of Retributivism
Outline and Critique of Deterrence
Thoughts on Incapacitation
Concluding Thoughts

Chapter III - Conversion as Inclusion

The Prison as Metaphor for Introspection
The Meaning of Conversion
Phenomenology of Conversion
The Crisis
An Experience of Undeserved Compassion
A New Identity in a New Community
Accountability and Character Reform
A Process of Progressive Participation
Conversion and the State of Criminal Justice

Chapter IV - What is Wrong with Rehabilitation?

The Proponents of Rehabilitation
Good Lives Model
Other Rehabilitative Approaches
Areas of Agreement and Possible Cooperation

Chapter V - How Conversion Can Rehabilitate the Penal System

Outline of a Penitential Mode of Confinement
Social Rudiments of a Conversion Paradigm
Confinement and Conversion
Concluding Thoughts



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