Conversations in Philosophy, Law, and Politics

Conversations in Philosophy, Law, and Politics

Srinivasan, Amia; Chang, Ruth

Oxford University Press






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1. Moral Revolutions
Kimberley Brownlee: On the Urgency of Kick-starting a Moral Revolution to Save Ourselves
Kwame Anthony Appiah: Making Change
2. AI and Democracy
Helene Landemore: Can Artificial Intelligence Bring Deliberation to the Masses?
Philip Pettit: The Two Roles of Deliberation in Democracy
3. Trust and the Rule of Law
Thomas W. Simpson: Trust and the Rule of Law
Onora O'Neill: Cultures of Trust and the Rule of Law
4. Taking Responsibility
Pauline Sliwa: Taking Responsibility
Pamela Hieronymi: Taking Responsibility, Defensiveness, and the Blame Game
5. Praise
Zoe Johnson King: What Are We Praiseworthy For?
Susan Wolf: Understanding Praise
6. Blame
James Edwards: What Can We Say to Each Other?
Alison Hills: Standing to Blame: Can it Be Defended?
7. Reasonableness
Hasan Dindjer: The Reasonable and the Justified
Thomas Scanlon: Varieties of Reasonableness
8. Duty
Nicolas Cornell: Looking and Seeing
Jeremy Waldron: On Duty
9. Political Obligation
Ashwini Vasanthakumar: Pluralism in Political Obligation
Nancy L. Rosenblum: All Our Imperatives
10. Justice and Equality
Gina Schouten: Distributive Egalitarianism as Aspirational Justice
Samuel Scheffler: Relational Equality and Pluralism about Justice
11. Justice and Groups
Robin Dembroff: The Metaphysics of Injustice
Sally Haslanger: Social Systems and Intersectional Oppression
12. Domination
Lori Watson: On Domination
Catharine A. MacKinnon: Of Domination and its Ending
13. Pornography
Kate Greasley: Pornography and the Limits of Speech Act Analysis
Rae Langton: Pornography: 'Enacting' or 'Eroticising' Women s Subordination?
14. Law and Intentions
Brian Flanagan: Intentional Legislation: What Makes a Text a Statute?
Michael Bratman: Intentions, Procedures, and Social Rules
15. Argumentation
Luis Duarte d'Almeida: Arguing A Contrario
John Horty: A Contrario Argument and Default Reasoning
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