Conversational Pressure

Conversational Pressure

Normativity in Speech Exchanges

Oxford University Press






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1: The Phenomenon of Conversational Pressure Section I: The Act Of Address 2: Your Attention Please! Section II: The Speech Act: Performance and Uptake 3: Conversational Pressures, Interpersonal and Epistemic 4: The Speaker's Expectation of Trust: Some False Starts 5: How to Treat a Testifier 6: Anti-Reductionism and Expected Trust 7: Does Friendship Exert Pressure on Belief? Section III: Uptake of Uptake 8: Conversational Silence 9: Silence Misinterpreted: The Double-Harm of Silencing 10: The Social Epistemology of Public Uptake 11: The Epistemic Costs of Politeness 12: Conclusion
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