Continuum Mechanics of Solids

Continuum Mechanics of Solids


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I Vectors and Tensors 1: Vectors and tensors: Algebra 2: Vectors and tensors: Analysis II Kinematics 3: Kinematics III Balance Laws 4: Balance laws for mass, forces, and moments 5: Balance of energy and entropy imbalance 6: Balance laws for small deformations IV Linear Elasticity 7: Constitutive equations for linear elasticity 8: Linear elastostatics 9: Solutions for some classical problems in linear elastostatics V Variational Formulations 10: Variational formulation of boundary value problems 11: Introduction to the finite element method 12: Minimum principles VI Elastodynamics, Sinusoidal Progressive Waves 13: Elastodynamics, Sinusoidal progressive waves VII Coupled Theories 14: Linear thermoelasticity 15: Chemoelasticity 16: Linear poroelasticity 17: Chemoelasticity theory for energy storage materials 18: Linear piezoelectricity VIII Limits to Elastic Response, Yielding and Plasticity 19: Limits to elastic response. Yielding and failure 20: One-dimensional plasticity 21: Three-dimensional plasticity with isotropic hardening 22: Plasticity with kinematic and isotropic hardening 23: Postulate of maximum dissipation 24: Some classical problems in rate-independent plasticity 25: Rigid-perfectly-plastic materials. Two extremum principles IX Fracture and Fatigue 26: Linear elastic fracture mechanics 27: Energy-based approach to fracture 28: Fatigue X Linear Viscoelasticity 29: Linear viscoelasticity XI Finite Elasticity 30: Finite elasticity 31: Finite elasticity of elastomeric materials XII Appendices A: Cylindrical and Spherical coordinate systems B: Stress intensity factors for some crack configurations
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