Conceptual Engineering and Conceptual Ethics

Conceptual Engineering and Conceptual Ethics

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Note to Readers Contributors Acknowledgements 1. Introduction: A Guided Tour of Conceptual Engineering and Conceptual Ethics Herman Cappelen and David Plunkett Abstracts of Chapters 2. Revisionary Analysis without Meaning Change (Or, Could Women Be Analytically Oppressed?) Derek Ball 3. Minimal Substantivity Delia Belleri 4. Reactive Concepts: Engineering the Concept CONCEPT David Braddon-Mitchell 5. Strategic Conceptual Engineering for Epistemic and Social Aims Ingo Brigandt and Esther Rosario 6. Never Say 'Never Say "Never"'? Alexis Burgess 7. Conceptual Engineering: The Master Argument Herman Cappelen 8. Preliminary Scouting Reports from the Outer Limits of Conceptual Engineering Josh Dever 9. Descriptive vs. Ameliorative Projects: The Role of Normative Considerations E. Diaz-Leon 10. Variance Theses in Ontology and Metaethics Matti Eklund 11. Neutralism and Conceptual Engineering Patrick Greenough 12. Going On, Not in the Same Way Sally Haslanger 13. The Theory-Theory Approach to Ethics Frank Jackson 14. Conceptual Ethics and the Methodology of Normative Inquiry Tristram McPherson and David Plunkett 15. Conceptual Evaluation: Epistemic Alejandro Perez Carballo 16. Analyzing Concepts and Allocating Referents Philip Pettit 17. The A-project and the B-project Mark Richard 18. Talk and Thought Sarah Sawyer 19. Philosophy as the Study of Defective Concepts Kevin Scharp 20. Linguistic Intervention and Transformative Communicative Disruptions Rachel Katharine Sterken 21. A Pragmatic Method for Normative Conceptual Work Amie L. Thomasson Index
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