Collecting Evolution

Collecting Evolution

The Galapagos Expedition that Vindicated Darwin

James, Matthew J.

Oxford University Press Inc







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Preface Acknowledgements Note to the Reader Prologue 1. Halfway to the Stars 2. Walking in Darwin's Footsteps 3. Setting Sail from San Francisco 4. Before It Is Too Late 5. Collecting Evolution 6. Galapagos at Last 7. Confluence: Where Geography and Ideas Meet 8. On Death, and Life, in Galapagos 9. Down to the Sea in Ships: Ship's Log, 1905 10. Rising from the Ashes 11. Ship's Log, 1906 12. That Sinking Feeling 13. Darwin's Islands Meet the Plant Wizard of Santa Rosa 14. The Voyage Home: Ship's Log 15. Vindicating Darwin Epilogue -- Legacy: Recent Use of California Academy of Sciences Specimens Chronology of the 1905 -- 1906 Galapagos Expedition Bibliography Index
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