Collaborating for Change

Collaborating for Change

Transforming Cultures to End Gender-Based Violence in Higher Education

Marine, Susan; Lewis, Ruth

Oxford University Press Inc






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Introduction: Mapping the Landscape, Susan B. Marine and Ruth Lewis

Section 1: Naming and theorizing gender-based violence in universities
Chapter 1: Transforming Campus Rape Culture: Lessons from Complexity Theory, Diane Crocker and Marcus A. Sibley
Chapter 2: From #MeToo to #HimToo in Academia: New Forms of Feminist Activism to Challenge Sexual Violence, Sundari Anitha

Section 2: Transforming Students, and Students Transforming
Chapter 3: Teaching "Love and War": Bringing Gender-Based Violence into the Light Through Stories in the University Classroom, Dawn Barker Floyd and Michael Funk Deckard
Chapter 4: Challenging University 'Lad Culture': The Successes of, and Challenges for, Collaborative University Activism, Annis Stenson

Section 3: Building Collaboratives to End GBV: Within the University, and Beyond
Chapter 5: Feminist Activism Among Academic Staff in the Movement to Address Gender Based Violence on Campus, Catherine Donovan, Khatidja Chantler. Rachel Fenton, and Kelly Bracewell
Chapter 6: Leveraging Partnerships Between Faculty and Staff to Transform Rape Culture on Campus, Andrew J. Rizzo, LB Klein, Zachary Ahmad-Kahloon, Meera Seshadri, LaWanda Swan, and Lee Helmken Cherry
Chapter 7: Building Authentic Partnerships for Responding to Gender-Based Violence in Universities, Michele Burman, Kathryn Dawson, Lauren McDougall, Karen Morton, and Fatemeh Nokhbatolfoghahai
Chapter 8: Challenging Institutional Resistance: Collaborative Efforts Against Gender Based Violence at a French University, Arlette Gautier, Marie-Laure Deroff, Pierre-Guillaume Prigent, and Sophie Hellegouarc'h

Conclusion: Reflecting On and Looking Forward to Transformation, Ruth Lewis and Susan B. Marine
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