Class, Patronage, and Poetry in Hanoverian England

Class, Patronage, and Poetry in Hanoverian England

Stephen Duck, The Famous Threshing Poet

Oxford University Press






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Introduction: 'All mankind would make a figure' 1: 'A Man grown up into an Excellent Poet all at once': Making the Poet 2: ''Tis agreeable to see what use he has made of his Reading': Writing 'The Thresher's Labour' 3: 'From the Author's own Original Manuscript': Publishing 'the famous Threshing Poet' 4: 'For Duck can thresh, you know, as well as write': Becoming 'the famous Threshing Poet' 5: 'The Duty of a grateful Muse': Writing at Court 6: 'Various Beauties overpay my Toil': Reimaging Landscape and Labour 7: 'Too Severe on the Female Sex'?: Negotiating Class and Gender 8: 'A very agreeable Conversation': Making Friends with Horace 9: 'Some Gentleman-like Title, as that of The Revd': Joining the Clergy Conclusion: 'The Bard may die - the Thresher still survive'
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