Chaucer in the Eighteenth Century

Chaucer in the Eighteenth Century

The Father of English Poetry


Oxford University Press






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Preface Introduction Part One: Chaucer in 1700 1: Chaucer and the Progress of Poetry: The Seventeenth-century Bequest 2: The Father of Poetry and The Father of Criticism: Chaucer Renewed? 3: Palamon and Arcite: Archaism, Anachronism, Heroic Fortitude, and Uncaring Gods 4: The Cock and the Fox: Apologues, Amplification, and Embellishments Part Two: Comic and Naturalistic Tales 5: Chaucer's Characters, the Character of Chaucer, and the Character of Chaucer's Verse 6: The True, Enlivened, Natural: The Monk and The Merchant's Wife, January and May, Phoebus and the Crow, The Carpenter of Oxford, and The Miller of Trumpington 7: Some Eighteenth-Century Wives of Bath 8: Samuel Johnson and Chaucer: 'The First of our Versifyers Who Wrote Poetically' Part Three: Gothic, Romantic, and Visionary Poems 9: Visions, Proclamations, and Courts of Love 10: Pathos, Realism, and Romance: Chaucer and the Brothers Warton 11: Chaucer and the Temples of Fame 12: Poets and Antiquarians: The Eighteenth-Century Bequest
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