Blackstone's Handbook for Policing Students 2024

Blackstone's Handbook for Policing Students 2024

Parker-McLeod, Julian; Wood, Dominic; Bradshaw, Sarah; Dickens, Tara; Davis, Christina

Oxford University Press






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Part I Professional Policing in England and Wales
1: Introducing the Handbook
2: Maintaining Professional Standards
3: Understanding the Police Constable Role
4: Decision-making and Discretion
5: Evidence-based Policing and Problem Solving
Part II Core Policing Values and Behaviours
6: Wellbeing and Resilience
7: Valuing Difference and Inclusion
8: Leadership and Teamwork
9: Managing Conflict
Part III Core Aspects of Police Work
10: Response Policing
11: Policing Communities
12: Information and Intelligence
13: Conducting Investigations
14: Digital Policing
15: Counter Terrorism
16: Policing the Roads
Part IV Processing Policing
17: Criminology and Crime Prevention
18: Criminal Justice
19: Public Protection, Victims, and Witnesses
20: Vulnerability and Risk
Part V Specific Aspects of Police Work
21: Alcohol, Drugs, and Substance Use
22: Unlawful Violence Against Persons and Premises
23: Theft, Fraud, and Related Offences
24: Sexual Offences
25: Weapons Offences
26: Damage to Buildings and Other Property
27: Attempts, Conspiracy, and Encouraging or Assisting Crime
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