Beyond Greece and Rome

Beyond Greece and Rome

Reading the Ancient Near East in Early Modern Europe

Grogan, Jane

Oxford University Press






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List of Contributors
0: Jane Grogan: Introduction
Part I: Routes of Reception
1: Noreen Humble: The Well-Thumbed Attic Muse: Cicero and the Reception of Xenophon's Persia in the Early Modern Period
2: Dennis Looney: Zoanne Pencaro, an Early Modern Italian Reader of the Ancient Near East in Herodotus
3: Galena Hashhozheva: From 'Custom is King' to 'Custom is a Metal': The Early Modern Afterlife of Ancient Scythian Culture
4: Su Fang Ng: Reading Ancient Fables from the East: Pierre-Daniel Huet's Two-Origin Aetiology of Romance
Part II: Materials and Traces
5: Ladan Niayesh: Reterritorializing Persepolis in the First English Travellers' Accounts
6: Thomas Roebuck: Antiquarianism in the Near East: Thomas Smith (1638 1710) and his Journey to the Seven Churches of Asia
7: Megan C. Armstrong: Journeying to an Antique Christian Past: Holy Land Pilgrimage Narratives in the Era of the Reformation
Part III: Refiguring Sources
8: Deirdre Serjeantson: Richard Verstegan and the Symbol of Babylon in the Early Modern Period
9: Derval Conroy: Casting Models: Female Exempla of the Ancient Near East in Seventeenth-Century French Drama and Gallery Books (1642 1662)
10: Jennifer Sarha: Assyria in Early Modern Historiography
11: Jane Grogan: Alexander the Great in Early Modern English Drama
12: Edith Hall: Crises of Self and Succession: Cambyses in the English Theatre 1560 1667