Analyzing Prayer

Analyzing Prayer

Theological and Philosophical Essays

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Oliver D. Crisp: Introduction 1: Scott Davison: Petitionary Prayer and Pride 2: Jordan Wessling: Interceding for the Lost: On the Effectiveness of Petitioning God for Human Salvation 3: Amber Griffioen: Are You There, God? It's Me, the Theist: On the Viability and Virtue of Non-Doxastic Prayer 4: James R. Gordon: Praying in the Name of Christ: Friedrich Schleiermacher's 'Mystical' Account of Prayer 5: Oliver D. Crisp: Prayer as Complaint 6: Kevin Timpe: Toward an Account of Lamenting Well 7: Ross Inman: Theology in the Second Person: Christian Dogmatics as a Mode of Prayer 8: Katherine Sonderegger: Does God Pray? 9: James M. Arcadi: Blessing God as Pledge of Allegiance: A Speech Act Theoretic Approach 10: Kyle Strobel: Knowing as you are Known: Prayer in the Presence of God 11: Adam Green: Prayer as the Road to Self-Knowledge 12: Jason McMartin: Prayer and the Meaning of Life
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