The Secret Life of the World's Largest Snake

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Acknowledgments Foreword by Gordon Burghardt Chapter 1: Science, love, and anaconda research Chapter 2: The anaconda challenge: learning how to learn Chapter 3: What is a good real state for an anaconda? Chapter 4: Anaconda's tales: Sickness & health, birth & death in the life of a giant snake Chapter 5: How much is supper?: Predator diet and prey retaliation Chapter 6: The largest of motherhood: Fecundity and female reproductive strategy Chapter 7: How big can a giant be? Chapter 8: Hey, it's me, it's me!: Courtship and confusion in the male reproductive strategy Chapter 9: The origin of the mystery: Adapting to life in a big dam Chapter 10: Conservation of anacondas and beyond: the interface of biology, politics and economics Chapter 11: Epilogue: A different approach Literature Cited Index
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