After Alfred

After Alfred

Anglo-Saxon Chronicles and Chroniclers, 900-1150

Oxford University Press






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1: Introduction 2: The Study and Editing of the Vernacular Chronicles 3: Alfred's Chronicle and the First Continuations 4: Chronicle A and the Early Tenth Century 5: BC, B, and the Mid Tenth Century 6: The 'Northern Recension' 7: The Lost Worcester Chronicle 8: Vernacular Chronicles c 1000 9: The Annals of AEthelred and the early years of Cnut 10: The Making of Chronicle C and Mid Eleventh-Century Chronicling 11: The Continuations of Chronicle C and the Development of Chronicles in the Mid Eleventh Century 12: Chronicle D, Crossing Conquest 13: Chronicle F and Canterbury post 1066 14: Chronicle E, /E and H: the End of the Tradition? Conclusion Appendix - The Cult of St Olaf and the Dating of Chronicle C Annal 1030
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