Cultural Humility and Social Justice Approach to Psychotherapy

Cultural Humility and Social Justice Approach to Psychotherapy

Seven Applied Guidelines for Evidence-Based Practice

Asnaani, Anu

Oxford University Press Inc






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Foreword - Dr. Pamela Hays
Introduction and Overview of Topic
Chapter 1: Guideline 1 - Exploring Your Own Cultural Identity, Beliefs and Biases Before Providing Therapy
Chapter 2: Guideline 2 - Practicing Cultural Humility as a Continuous Process
Chapter 3: Guideline 3 - Balancing Culturally-Informed and Individualized Assessment of the Presenting Problem
Chapter 4: Guideline 4 - Engaging in Self-Education about Specific Cultural Norms Using a Variety of Sources
Chapter 5: Guideline 5 - Addressing Stigma and Other Cultural Barriers to Psychological Treatment
Chapter 6: Guideline 6 - Exploring the Impact of Discrimination and Microaggressions on Therapy
Chapter 7: Guideline 7 - Identifying and Incorporating Cultural Strengths and Resources into Treatment
Chapter 8: Utilizing the Guidelines to Enhance Relapse Prevention and Maintenance of Treatment Gains
Chapter 9: Considerations for the Supervisory Relationship with Diverse Trainees and their Diverse Clients
Chapter 10: Final Thoughts
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